Indoor Wingsuit Flying

Start-Up Pac

You start with the introduction where we provide you with the prerequisites for Indoor Wingsuit flying. We teach you our safety rules and introduce you to some simple hand and head signs that we use inside the wind tunnel. Then you get to fly, connected to the safety system. Between the sessions inside the wind tunnel, you get time to rest and get coaching from your Flight Master. We recommend that you set aside at least half a day to complete the program.

During 30 minutes of total, effective fan time, the first goal is to have you in control of your flying, handling up/down, left/right and forward/backward movement. To give you a good rest, we splitt this 30 minutes in tree 10 minutes blocks. Once your flying is on a good level, you’ll start practicing different start and landing techniques. We also teach you how to get up quickly from the floor, and moving around in the tunnel with feet on ground. These are skills that will let you make the most out of your tunnel time once certified for free flying.

Some pilots are able to get the certification for free flight within the 30 minutes included in the PRO FLYER’S START-UP PAC, but most need some more time connected to the safety system.

The Start Up Pack price is bit higher than the normal tunnel time per hour, because we need a lot of extra time for coaching in theory and in flying.

Start-Up Pac incl. 30 minutes flying time | € 595

Coached Flying Time

After the SUP you can book additional flying time and get coached on belly, backflying and transitions up to advanced wingsuit acrobatics. I recommend a 45 minutes flight time per day. 

60 minutes flying time incl. coaching | € 830

15 minutes flying time incl. coaching | € 220


Free wingsuit, full face helmet and back protector, video from two angles. (ProFlyer: All wingsuit brands are welcome)

Good to bring your own

Gloves, your own full face helmet and back protector. USB stick for your videos. ProFlyers: All wingsuit brands are welcome! 


Directly purchased time at Indoor Wingsuit Flying and time on your personal account can not be used for LTBJ Indoor Wingsuit camps. Only through direct booking is it possible to join our camp and get coached form a LTBJ Instructor.